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Two creators


As a multi-faceted creator and coding virtuoso, he is the brain! A trained pianist, Julien-Robert composes, synthetizes, programs, constructs, and deconstructs music and image. He is the craftsman who gives life to this interactive world. His creative work is a mix of music, video, and technology, and his versatility leads him to collaborate regularly with the world of dance, cinema, and theatre.

Julien Compagne

Percussionist, pianist, singer, and hybrid creator, he is an unlimited source of new ideas for the group. With a background in both classical and pop, Julien is a crossover artist - he loves to perform on stage, to sing, to compose, and to mix different musical styles. Caring to reach a large audience, his creations are at once experimental and mainstream and each of his collaborations with other artists reflects this.

Latest News

22 Mar

Video Phase presents a preview of its latest digital performance project, Alt-Escape, at salle Maurice

présentation Alt-Escape au Lab7
15 Feb

Video Phase is in residence at Lab7 of The 7 Fingers to work on their project Alt-Escape.

The fourth wall - Julien Compagne
16 Oct

Video Phase members stay actives and creatives, even when everybody stays at home!

Video Phase

Video Phase, creators of multi-sensory experiences combining music, video and technology. A show to hear with your own eyes.


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