About Us

Video Phase is the result of the collaboration between two musicians-creators, Julien-Robert and Julien Compagne. Their common idea is to develop a new kind of art that equally combines music, video, and technology.

Strongly influenced by Steve Reich’s music (the inspiration of their first show) but also by electronic music, they create a synesthesia between their musical and visual universes, one representing the other and vice versa. The visual component of their shows is totally interactive; this gives them the freedom to improvise and preserves the magic of live performance. With the use of technology, they seek to provide the audience with more than a regular concert - a real multi-sensory experience.
Video Phase differentiated themselves with their first multimedia show. Receiving an enthusiastic response in the Réseau Accès-Culture, Video Phase was selected for the Entrées en scène Loto Québec program, and presented a showcase at RIDEAU after being chosen part of the national selection in 2013. After several shows in the Réseau Accès-Culture, Video Phase was selected for the CAM en tournée in 2013-14 and presented a concert series at the Centre des Sciences de Montréal in March 2015.
Lumens, the second show by the group, premiered in June 2017 at SAT, has received the first price of Mécènes Investis pour les Arts 2016 and won the Opus price actual and electroacoustic music by CQM in 2018. It has been adapted for Virtual Reality supports, presented in showcases at RIDEAU, Contact East, CINARS, CAPACOA, IPAY and Classical Next, and has toured in “CAM en tournée” in 2017-2018. Between 2017 and 2020, Lumens has been performed many times in Canada (Ontario, Nouveau Brunswick, Ile du Prince Édouard) and internationally at First Night Festival @ Raleigh (North Carolina), at ASSITEJ Summer Festival (Seoul, South Korea), at Xintiandi Festival (Shanghai, China), at Ping-Pong Festival of Shanghai and at Tai Kwun Center (Hong Kong).
In 2020, the group produced The Fourth Wall (http://fourthwall.videophase.net), their first creation thought exclusively for digital streaming.

The Artists

Believing in the combination of instrumental and electroacoustic music, Julien-Robert composes mixed music. He uses the technology's possibilities to integrate video to his work. His pieces of music have been performed in England, France, Argentina, Kosovo, United States, Australia, Portugal and Canada in various festivals like Sonoimagenes, Spark festival, SOUNDplay festival, Remusica Festival, ICMC, UVM, Totally Huge New Music festival, Studio 300 or Opensound.

Born in France, Julien Compagne studied piano and percussion at the conservatory for over 10 years. Moving to Montreal in 2004, he obtained a Master of Music in percussion with Robert Leroux, Julien Grégoire, and Louis Charbonneau, further specializing in pop percussion with Paul Picard. A versatile performer and recording artist, Julien collaborates with various renowned classical and contemporary ensembles (Sixtrum, NEM, SMCQ, Les Violons du Roy…) as well as with numerous pop artists, including Jorane, Patrick Watson, Johnny Hallyday, Lewis Furey, Michel Legrand, and Aretha Franklin.

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Video Phase

Video Phase, creators of multi-sensory experiences combining music, video and technology. A show to hear with your own eyes.